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Running a business can be incredibly challenging. At times you need someone to talk to who can help you to:


1. Get you more time to think, plan, be with your family and friends.

2. Increase your turnover, margin and profits.

3. Turn marketing into an investment rather than an expense.

4. Put systems in place that provide consistent results.

5. Recruit, motivate and retain a winning team of employees

6. Ultimately have a business that can run without you.


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Robert Firth


Certified Business Coach and Mentor

07468 523 041




Why you need a Coach

For the same reason that elite sports stars all work with coaches, successful business people have coaches too! In the same way that Amélie Mauresmo helps Andy Murray put together a winning game plan, implement strategies and tactics and develop a winning mindset, an Action Business Coach helps their clients achieve their goals, guaranteed, and sometimes more!

And yes, there are plenty of business coaches out there, so like Andy Murray, it's important that business people choose their coach with care - here's 3 great questions to ask:

  1. Do they Guarantee an ROI from coaching inside 6 months?
  2. Do they have over 3,500 proven strategies & tactics in their toolkit?
  3. Can they call on the brains & experience of 100s of team mates?

In an increasingly competitive world where only 1 in 10 businesses survive for a decade, an Action Business Coach is no longer a luxury, but a necessity.

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Hear the Success Stories

The coaching sessions to date. . . .to be honest have been the most beneficial, well presented, direct and best coaching I've ever had.

Nicola Wilkes, Owner, House Envy


Rob was the first person I contacted when I decided to start up my own business. The coaching and guidance he has given me in my first few months has been extremely helpful and thoroughly supportive. He has encouraged me to expand my ambitions and given me the confidence and tools to do that. It is already paying off.

Ashley Davies, Director, Ashley Davies Architects

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Who is Robert Firth

I have spent my career running businesses, leading teams and helping people aspire to be the very best they can. The majority of my life has been spent as an architect and project manager, co-ordinating large scale projects; leading multi disciplinary teams and starting up and growing larger architectural practices.

I have built a practice office from nothing to 25 staff and run one of the largest new practices in the UK - achieved through growth and acquisition. Ensuring key individuals were motivated and happy in their roles was one of my main priorities.

Now I am using this experience, in combination with the world's leading global business coaching systems, to help business owners grow their businesses, find time to think and plan and realise their dreams and aspirations. 

If you think you could benefit from a busines coach then please give me a ring - and we can have a 'no commitment' discussion on your business, your challenges and where you want to take it.


Robert Firth

Certified Business Coach and Mentor